nxt2btc.com FAQ

1.- What is exactly nxt2btc.com?
A simple online tool to know how many NXTs you obtain in exchange of some mBTCs and vice versa. Also you can choose other currencies like USD, EUR and probably more coming. We discovered time ago a site: preev.com, needed something similar so created it.
2.- Who are the people behind this web?
We are just two friends interested in bitcoin and other altcoins and this is our last weekend project. Our goal is to have a very easy and useful tool for us and anyone out there. No enterprises, ads, investors and other stuff like that.
3.- How accurate is it? Where do you obtain the exhange data?
Time to a DISCLAMER: this is mainly for fun, there is no warranty when using this site. Having said this, we use JSON sources from https://www.cryptocompare.com. The web self refresh each 10 seconds.
4.- HTTPS available?
Sure, but you will get a warning about the self-signed SSL certificate. Keep calm and check the fingerprint: SHA1: A6 EC CA C7 C8 E3 2A D9 89 20 D0 9E C7 53 96 69 24 A5 FB 82
5.- Can I contact you by email?
Of course, info@nxt2btc.com should work. Take in mind this is not a 24/7 project for us, so don't expect to have a fast answer but we will try to be kind.
6.- Cool background image, who did it?
Unai Guerra, we don't know the guy (although he might be from Basque Country as we are) and he licensed it CC-by-sa-2 http://www.flickr.com/photos/malibran/4696838355/sizes/l/
7.- How can I help?
Well, this is not going to be a big web with big requeriments apart from the domain and, at least for now, a modest shared server. If you want take a look at the footer and send us your love :)